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Introduction Etc.

The website's navigation is broken. Well, it's not broken technically, it's just missing. I'm still working on the CMS because all of the .net stuff works OK, but webdav on IIS 7.5 is like Hell in Texas. Wait, no, it's worse. At least I have a pool to jump into sometimes when not shooting routers with a modified crossbow. (The thing was cheap, but I got the pull up to around 160lbs, while not the same energy as a 9mm, the pointed end makes up for lack of power). Ah, the days I wish I could do that to my monitor, but that'd be a waste of a monitor. But I'd feel good.

New bots are up, sorta, sometimes. Links to the readme. Video them using it below.


The game server is up.

Files are here, pick the WFA mod (truecombat is very alpha). I'm making daily changes, any questions I'm in #ioquake3 on freenode or #wfa on

Video channel is here.

The WFA ones are usually uploaded automatically, so if you are uncertain, wipe your wfa directory (or just create a subdirectory in your /wfa folder and put your files (minus configs) in there) and use these. There is no server VM yet because I'm waiting for crashes... but the client will work on all operating systems that ioquake3 does.

I'm still working out some kinks here and there, and may have to release a stock ioquake3 modification to their core engine. Or at least on the server-side, because it's FUBAR with certain hacks that WFA has in it, and won't error... just quits.

The guys over at ioquake3 are hard to get in touch with and I have no channels yet open to communication. Ususally IRC is full of people who idle, and any dev are probably busy.

I'll get it working, however. So far just don't use the plasmabomb; I could take it away, but I am also testing my "alert" when the server goes down using... yea I know, SNMP MIB's. Heck, I had to do it, but WMI's are handy for this type of stuff.

The banner is on the left. If it's up, the server is up.

As you can see, the site's been a little bit whacked as of late. This is my fault because I did it. Usually when we move networks, or have new boxes to set up my site is the first one thrown to the proverbial wolves. I have a staging network set up at my house that, by my calculations, is eating up more power than a window air conditioner at idle. With the outside temperatures approaching the 100's already and an old house that never heard of insulation, well it's hot.

I've been battling everything from bad power (UPS battery exploded), bad router (TZ went bad, so I shot it...) to the motorcycle's normal motorcycle hissy-fits. So to sum up this site's SNAFU'd.

I took all of the code from my Q2-Meets-Q3 "Fusion" project and also some other "code" I picked up on and implemented it using Q3's rendering engine, because quite honestly, the consensus is that while id's Tech4 looks ok, it really doesn't pan out all that well for online competitive play where there's tons of network traffic that could be better used elsewhere. So I went back to Q3 to release a version of WFA out to see what people think, minus the rendering engine.

This is, of course, in between random shootings down the street, a huge hit on my nervous system with the advent of kids getting ready for high school... stuff like that. Doesn't stop me from working on the rendering engine, shoe-horning square pegs into round holes. Just like work!

Map of cancer3 in Quake 4

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Posted Date: 10/26/2014 2:56:49 AM
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