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2001-12-09 - I'm firing back up the wffusion project. I have decided to use ioQuake's engine as a base, they did quite a bit of good work. I already had tons of things I added into wffusion (q2 meets q3) and also piles of code in modular format in wfaQ3. So they both have a home now.

You can grab the files here (DOWNLOAD LINK). It's small. It's under 1mb. Instructions are also simple. Read the readme. Run the self-extractor and point it to your quake3 directory (yes since this isn't a "Total Conversion" test you need quake3 baseq3). Click on the batch file. ioQuake will (should, I didn't even touch it yet) automatically download the files when you connect. You need to connect to the server first, however, using ioQuake. Think of it like this: you'll get the latest files that the server is using from the modified engine itself. It's magic, I tell you. Those files go up to just under 65mb. Not so small, but fast.

I'll be releasing my own codebase for ioQuake that has some twists and also does update checks from a central repository. Even the dedicated will do this. That was our biggest problem, trying to keep hundreds of players updated and we wound up confusing them all. So it's going to be centralized, and distro mirrors are welcome. Server ops can opt-out of the updates and foodchain to do their own if they want, but the "official" repository will exist for new players or in case needed to reset your game directory files.

After this test I'll move the server onto a real one in Philly and get the WFA code up that restores every weapon we ever had, fixes tons of bugs, and changes that make it feel like the good ol' Q2WF. It'll be complicated for new users perhaps, but I'm trying to find people with the help system familiar with Q2WF and Q3WFA. Since there's about a dozen new weapons it may take some time for the write-up.

It's ioQuake, UPX compressed and so are the dll's. You can always get ioQuake from their website and just run the commandline in the batch.

Good luck, and god speed.

This web presence is constantly morphing. There's a boatload of content. I took down the news section. Sorta..

This site is more or less a testing site, where various technologies are just plopped in carelessly to test this or that chunk of code. I leave some up, I take most down. Most is not accessible and only is used by me when coding or testing... you see this site moves constantly.

Sometimes it's all driven from sql, sometimes even on my laptop over a vpn while I'm sitting at a bar or at a friend's house helping make pasta. There's a gallery, a search, and other things. Jump on irc.enterthegame.com #shadowspawn if you want to rap. erpleaf2 is my secretary so talk to him if you need me and I'm not there.

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More about this site:
The artificial intelligence (AI) components of simulations combined with the graphical impact of reality-style design often appear to be very complex, possibly having attributes beyond virtual computer generated environments. In this online collection I note and record, and in some instances display and exemplify the similarities and differences between AI and reality level design for simulations and their affects in the psychological and marketing environment.

I contrast the goals of design and AI, their performance requirements, and the underlying resources available for developing and fielding the combination, with an eye to how they impact the complexity of human behaviors.

My conclusion is that the tools are currently far ahead of the imaginative ability of game designers.

While this is a bold, generally broad statement and open to argument (as all aesthetic statements may be) it is my beliefs. I use computers as a canvas and I am simply an armature (pro sometimes but not full time), but I understand what designers must go through in order to keep an idea profitable and put fold on the table.

That this may change soon as more start to gain experience within the effects and abilities of the modern computing environment and design concepts that far outweigh consumer products insofar as artistic and intrinsic design and behavior.

I also argue that simulations have advantages for doing certain types of research on complex, human-level behavior.

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