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This is just a recommended default configuration for WFA dedicated servers.
Check back often to see any additional server variables or necessary changes.

Last Updated Monday, December 29, 2003 10:58:26 AM EST

-Server Variables
sv_hostname This will be what people see in their game browser
net_ip This is the IP address that the network socket is bound to
net_port This is the 'listen' network socket that clients will use for initial connection
sv_maxclients This is how many people without a special password will be able to play
sv_privateclients This is how many people with a special password will be able to play; the game reserves this many slots for them
sv_privatepassword This is the password for the people (sv_privateclients) who will be able to join the reserved spots set above
sv_maxrate This limits the maximum bandwidth that the players use while playing
sv_minrate This limits the minimum bandwidth that the players use while playing (not implemented yet)
sv_pure This locks the server from clients who don't have matching files that the server has at 'server initialization' or 'launch'
sv_allowdownload Should clients be able to download files? If you are running private, beta, or test maps this may cause implications.
sv_zombietime This variable determines how long the server will keep the connection alive while not receiving any response from the client.
If you run a busy server and wish to always keep slots open no matter what, keep this as the default. If you wish to have clients be able to reconnect within a period of time, specify it here.
-Game Variables (g_)
g_wf_warmup Time, in seconds, that the players are unable to leave Team Rooms, pick up the flag, or use teleporters right after map change. Slow connecting clients take a little longer to join back in then faster clients.
g_inactivity This is how long, in seconds, that a player will remain on the server while not issuing any commands (move, fire, etc.)
g_needpass Set this to 'Yes' if you wish to protect the server from public use
g_password Set the password here for PRIVATE server usage. If specified, g_needpass will default to 1 automatically by quake no matter what g_needpass is. Leave it blank if this is a public server.
g_log This is the name for the server log
g_teamAutoJoin This will force a player to join a team without the menue as soon as they connect. Disable it. It'll confuse people.
g_logSync This either writes the server log line by line or in chunks
g_redteam This will show which team is red on the player's scoreboard.
g_blueteam This will show which team is blue on the player's scoreboard. 
Need space after blue's teamname for positioning.
g_forceteambalance This is the number of off-balance players that are allowed before the server screams 'X Team has too many players'
g_forcerespawn Amount in seconds that a player may remain 'dead' before respawning.
g_motd Message Of The Day that is displayed while map is loading
-Additional Com Variables
logfile This will dump the console to a logfile, called qconsole.log for either debugging purposes or if you are just in need of more information
capturelimit how many times a team can capture the flag for the match to be considered done
rconpassword This is the password for remote control of the server. Enter a blank for no rcon.
fraglimit The total amount of frags an individual player can reach before the match is considered done; Zero for infinite
overtimelimit This is similar to the timelimit, but for when the regular time limit has been reached and the score is tied
randomteams This variable will 'kick' all players to spectator at map change. Useful for typical pub usage to stop the constant ganging up of players on the winning team, and adds a little spice into things.
timelimit How long a map may be played before the match is considered done
com_zoneMegs How much physical memory for the quake3 application to reserve for miscelaneous operation
com_hunkMegs How much physical memory for the quake3 application to reserve for game operation
g_inifile  This is the default ini file for the maplist, ref, and other server-specific information
-Server Information Variables
This information is displayed in browsers such as Gamespy and Pingtool, and are all optional.
icq ICQ of an admin in case of trouble 
Email Email contact information. RECOMMENDED!
Website Website of server or maps 
Location Locale of server, for those that may wish a server in the same area
Admin The name of the administrator 
OS Operating System specifics 
Connection The Internet Connection Speed/Type 
Specs Hardware specs