21:28] <{wf}ss|afk> what
[21:28] <{wf}ss|afk> oh
[21:28] <{wf}ss|afk> fuckin i feel like an idiot
[21:28] <{wf}ss|afk> trying to figure out the iq scale
[21:28] <{wf}ss|afk> its sorta ironic
[21:29] <{wf}Zores> ss!
[21:29] <{wf}Zores> i have a radiant question i cant figure out!
[21:29] <{wf}Zores> about wfa ents placement
[21:29] <{wf}ss|afk> you get the def file?
[21:29] <{wf}ss|afk> you wanna see a stream of me mapping heh
[21:29] <{wf}Zores> cant get radiant to pick up the ents
[21:29] <{wf}Zores> stream?
[21:29] <{wf}ss|afk> yea i showed you this before
[21:30] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[21:30] <{wf}Zores> no
[21:30] <{wf}Zores> i will see
[21:30] <{wf}ss|afk> or at least i pasted it in here
[21:30] <{wf}ss|afk> ok i gotta rebind a port one sec
[21:30] <{wf}Zores> ok
[21:32] <{wf}JackDaniels> kickass
[21:32] <{wf}JackDaniels> they're making a game after me
[21:32] <{wf}Zores> ?
[21:32] <{wf}JackDaniels> bruteforce
[21:33] <{wf}JackDaniels> Brute Force is the name of a special forces unit that is built, soldier by soldier, into the skill-balanced entourage you might have seen in glossy promotional materials. You have the Tank, the Assassin, the Sniper, and a Primal Reptile Man, which means they could also make a decent rock band.
[21:34] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[21:34] <{wf}Zores> what game
[21:34] <{wf}Zores> heh
[21:34] <{wf}JackDaniels> some fps game
[21:35] <{wf}ss|afk> ok
[21:35] <{wf}ss|afk> now do this
[21:36] <{wf}ss|afk> open mplayer2
[21:36] <{wf}ss|afk> i forgot my ip one sec
[21:36] *** Quits: {wf}JackDaniels (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:36] *** Quits: Knowledge (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:37] <{wf}ss|afk>
[21:37] <{wf}ss|afk> don't click on that
[21:37] <{wf}ss|afk> open that location
[21:37] <{wf}Zores> ok
[21:38] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> you'll probably need to download/install plugin
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> there ya go
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> i see the connection
[21:38] <{wf}Zores> its stuck on opening
[21:38] <{wf}Zores> ?
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> give it a sec
[21:38] <{wf}Zores> timed out
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> its probably gotta catch up
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> oh
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> maybe im streaming too fast
[21:38] <{wf}Zores> cant i
[21:38] <{wf}Zores> use the regular wmp?
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> maybe
[21:38] <{wf}ss|afk> try it
[21:39] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[21:39] <{wf}ss|afk> still nada?
[21:39] <{wf}Zores> yea
[21:39] <{wf}ss|afk> give it a second
[21:39] <{wf}Loevon> i get a picture
[21:40] <{wf}Zores> must be something gay on my end then
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> yea thats my desktop
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> if you get a picture
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> of radiant
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> thats my desktop
[21:40] <{wf}Loevon> ye
[21:40] <{wf}Loevon> s
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> im not doing anything
[21:40] <{wf}Zores> oh its buffering
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> now im moving around
[21:40] <{wf}ss|afk> yea
[21:41] <{wf}ss|afk> note the time on the clock heh
[21:41] <{wf}Zores> i get a blanks creen though hmm
[21:41] <{wf}ss|afk> lemme lower the rez
[21:41] <{wf}ss|afk> and the bandwidth
[21:41] <{wf}Zores> ok
[21:41] <{wf}ss|afk> maybe im chewing up my line
[21:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 18
[21:41] <{wf}Zores> dont think its my router, loe has same router as me
[21:42] <{wf}Zores> loe which streaming program you usingare you using
[21:42] <{wf}Zores> mplayer2.exe or windowsmediaplayer
[21:42] <{wf}Loevon> windowsmedia
[21:43] <{wf}Loevon> looks like i was cut off
[21:43] <{wf}ss|afk> try now
[21:43] <{wf}Zores> hmm why cant i see anything
[21:43] <{wf}Zores> its playing though
[21:44] <{wf}Zores> had to d/l a plugin you said?
[21:44] <{wf}ss|afk> yea but mplayer does it automatically
[21:44] <{wf}Loevon> its playing for me but no screen
[21:44] <{wf}ss|afk> gar
[21:44] * Joins: RedMaJik (~R3dMaJik@lsanca1-ar1-4-62-158-048.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net)
[21:44] * erp sets mode: +vo RedMaJik RedMaJik
[21:44] <{wf}ss|afk> one sec lemme restart it, i'll lower the bandwidth even more
[21:44] <RedMaJik> Thx erp
[21:44] <RedMaJik> Thx erp
[21:44] <{wf}ss|afk> christ the germans could look at this
[21:45] <{wf}Zores> i think it may be the NAT
[21:45] <{wf}Zores> on our end i dunno
[21:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 19
[21:48] <{wf}Loevon> working for me now
[21:48] <{wf}ss|afk> yea i really am crunching the hell out of my cpu with this low quality crap
[21:48] <{wf}ss|afk> its pegged
[21:49] <{wf}Zores> hmm there we go
[21:49] <{wf}Loevon> ok how did you just bring that window up?
[21:49] <{wf}Loevon> thats what i was asking zores hehe
[21:49] <{wf}ss|afk> which one
[21:49] <{wf}ss|afk> ok what version are you using
[21:49] <{wf}ss|afk> and remember you guys are a bit lagged
[21:50] <{wf}Zores> is it streaming fast for you smoothly
[21:50] <{wf}Loevon> the one in the top left corner
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> well buffered
[21:50] <{wf}Loevon> yeah
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> i think its 15 seconds behind
[21:50] <{wf}Zores> i only get like 1 fps a second
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> ok which version
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> yea
[21:50] <{wf}Loevon> im on uh, 1.1.1
[21:50] <{wf}Zores> or something
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> its targeted at 3
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> now what do you want to do
[21:50] <{wf}Zores> wfa ents
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> set up gtk to work with wfa?
[21:50] <{wf}Zores> yea
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> ok
[21:50] <{wf}Loevon> yeah
[21:50] <{wf}ss|afk> here's what u do
[21:51] <{wf}ss|afk> you have that zip in the help dir right
[21:51] <{wf}ss|afk> mapping crap .zip
[21:51] <{wf}ss|afk> or something
[21:51] <{wf}ss|afk> ?
[21:51] <{wf}ss|afk> in wfa/help
[21:52] <{wf}Loevon> wfa-mapping-script.zip
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> and does your file->project settings look like that
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> yea
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> but your window for project settings
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> does it look like that
[21:52] <{wf}Loevon> yes, mine looks like that
[21:52] <{wf}Loevon> zor's dosent
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> ok well then loe take note of mine
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> custom quake III modification
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> and under it wfa
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> mine says wfadev
[21:52] <{wf}ss|afk> but just call it wfa
[21:53] <{wf}ss|afk> now for zores
[21:53] <{wf}ss|afk> gtk takes a while to load with this thing running
[21:53] <{wf}Loevon> k
[21:53] <{wf}ss|afk> ok now in ur wfa dir
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> make a dir called scripts
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> a dir called maps
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> copy all the scripts from baseq3/scripts
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> into wfa/scripts
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> all your maps from baseq3/maps
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> to wfa/maps
[21:54] <{wf}Zores> ok
[21:54] <{wf}Loevon> k
[21:54] <{wf}ss|afk> now zores its up with 1.2.whatever
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> you see where it says fs_game
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> put that as wfa
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> and make sure it says custom quake III modification
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> click ok, and close radiant
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> now that you have taht wfa/scripts stuff
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> open that zip
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> and overwrite whatever is in wfa/scripts
[21:55] <{wf}ss|afk> fire up radiant
[21:56] <{wf}Zores> ok trying
[21:56] <{wf}ss|afk> there is an update to that entities.def file
[21:56] <{wf}ss|afk> but for now we'll just get you up
[21:57] <{wf}Zores> fs_game just put wfa
[21:57] <{wf}Zores> the word?
[21:58] <{wf}ss|afk> yep
[21:58] <{wf}ss|afk> wfa
[22:01] <{wf}ss|afk> cmon
[22:01] <{wf}ss|afk> you there yet
[22:02] <{wf}Zores> do i keep the same basepath
[22:02] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:02] <{wf}ss|afk> yea leave everything as it is
[22:02] <{wf}ss|afk> just make sure it says modification
[22:02] <{wf}ss|afk> and fs_game is wfa
[22:02] <{wf}Zores> c:\program files\quake3blahblah\baseq3
[22:02] <{wf}ss|afk> whatever was working before
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> leave the base path alone
[22:03] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> thats the core pak0 place
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> so just leave that alone
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> where it says fs_game
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> make that wfa
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> where it says select mod
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> drop down custom quake III modification
[22:03] <{wf}ss|afk> and the fs_game is wfa
[22:04] <{wf}Loevon> mines the same
[22:04] <{wf}ss|afk> k click ok
[22:04] <{wf}ss|afk> shut down and restart radiant
[22:04] <{wf}ss|afk> when you open it up
[22:04] <{wf}ss|afk> and you hit the n key
[22:04] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:04] <{wf}ss|afk> under the entity list you'll see a shitload of new ents
[22:05] <{wf}Zores> k did that
[22:05] <{wf}Zores> k
[22:05] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:06] <{wf}Zores> am i supposed to see a difference now
[22:06] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:06] <{wf}ss|afk> look for dom point
[22:06] <{wf}ss|afk> if that shows up
[22:06] <{wf}ss|afk> you are golden
[22:06] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[22:07] <{wf}ss|afk> did you restart radiant
[22:07] <{wf}ss|afk> after changing fs_game
[22:07] <{wf}Zores> i think it didnt work those ents ive seen before
[22:07] <{wf}Zores> no dom point, nothing starts with a d
[22:07] <{wf}Loevon> same here
[22:08] <{wf}Zores> yes, gonna restart it again
[22:08] <{wf}ss|afk> look in wfa scripts dir
[22:08] <{wf}ss|afk> for entities.def file
[22:11] <{wf}ss|afk> any
[22:11] <{wf}ss|afk> day
[22:11] <{wf}ss|afk> now
[22:11] <{wf}ss|afk> do you have one?
[22:11] <{wf}Zores> yea still nothing
[22:11] <{wf}Zores> i see it
[22:11] <{wf}Zores> the file
[22:11] <{wf}Zores> but still ntoing on N
[22:11] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[22:11] * {wf}ss|afk is now known as {wf}shadowspawn
[22:11] <{wf}Loevon> do we have to replace it?
[22:11] * {wf}shadowspawn is now known as {wf}shado
[22:11] <{wf}shado> open it with notepad
[22:11] <{wf}shado> see if it says wfa entites def
[22:13] <{wf}Zores> im seeing all the ents ss has though
[22:13] <{wf}Loevon> opened
[22:13] <{wf}Zores> says on the comments
[22:13] <{wf}Loevon> we downloaded a file from wfamaps, but it said to put it in radiant folder
[22:13] <{wf}Loevon> not wfa/scripts
[22:13] <{wf}Zores> quake3 arena entity definition file
[22:13] <{wf}Loevon> im guessing thats whats wrong
[22:13] <{wf}Zores> yea i think wfamaps misled us
[22:13] <{wf}shado> what did i say
[22:13] <{wf}shado> i said
[22:13] <{wf}shado> take that whole zip
[22:13] <{wf}shado> and unzip it into wfa/scripts
[22:13] <{wf}shado> restart radiant tho after replacing it
[22:14] <{wf}Loevon> alright
[22:14] <{wf}Loevon> working here
[22:15] <{wf}Zores> yea working now
[22:15] <{wf}Zores> dom_point
[22:15] <{wf}shado> gg
[22:15] <{wf}shado> well there ya go then
[22:15] <{wf}shado> joooo have the latest
[22:15] <{wf}shado> i think
[22:15] <{wf}shado> at least nothing will break
[22:15] <{wf}shado> i think i just added more comments someplace
[22:15] <{wf}Zores> heh thx ss
[22:16] <{wf}shado> np man
[22:16] <{wf}shado> you guys understand shaders?
[22:16] <{wf}Zores> yea got it from wfamaps link to fileplanet
[22:16] <{wf}Loevon> whats the link zor?
[22:17] <{wf}shado> open up cancer3-wfa.pk3
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> which link
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> for radiant or the ents
[22:17] <{wf}Loevon> for the latest radiant
[22:17] <{wf}Loevon> nm
[22:17] <{wf}shado> and take the shadow_cancer.shader
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> read the manual
[22:17] <{wf}Loevon> ill do it later
[22:17] <{wf}shado> and put it in the scripts dir
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> i understand shader but i dont understand how to make it because i didnt read the hwole file yet
[22:17] <{wf}shado> thats ok
[22:17] <{wf}shado> just do that
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> shader are triangles
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> used in light map
[22:17] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:17] <{wf}shado> lemme know once you did that
[22:18] <{wf}shado> shaders are just image definitions
[22:19] <{wf}Zores> cancer2,shander ?
[22:19] <{wf}Zores> err
[22:19] <{wf}shado> whatever it is
[22:19] <{wf}Zores> cancer2.shader
[22:19] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:19] <{wf}shado> put that in the scripts dir
[22:19] <{wf}shado> you do that?
[22:20] <{wf}Loevon> k
[22:20] <{wf}Loevon> done here
[22:20] <{wf}Zores> extrating
[22:20] <{wf}Zores> ok done
[22:20] <{wf}shado> open up the shaderlist.txt in your wfa/scripts dir
[22:20] <{wf}shado> and add shadow2 on a new line
[22:20] <{wf}shado> save it
[22:20] <{wf}shado> restart radiant
[22:21] <{wf}Zores> restarted radiant
[22:21] <{wf}Loevon> k
[22:21] <{wf}shado> ok now download this map
[22:21] <{wf}shado> www.shadowspawn.net/temp/cancer3.zip
[22:22] <{wf}shado> extract and put in your wfa/maps dir
[22:22] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:22] <{wf}shado> open it up, and poof you have cancer3 now
[22:22] <{wf}shado> so go have fun
[22:23] <{wf}Loevon> nice
[22:24] <{wf}Zores> cancer3 is all shaders
[22:24] <{wf}Zores> didnt even notice
[22:24] <{wf}shado> allot are
[22:24] <{wf}shado> normal maps for bump mapping tho
[22:24] <{wf}Zores> oh
[22:24] <{wf}shado> it'll still compile without em
[22:24] <{wf}shado> they are about hm
[22:25] <{wf}shado> 5 textures that i didn't include cause they were just used for compiling
[22:26] <{wf}Zores> ah
[22:26] <{wf}Zores> im still watching you map lol
[22:26] <{wf}Zores> well in your explorer looking at files
[22:27] <{wf}Zores> with your winzip
[22:27] <{wf}shado> yea grabbing the cancer2 stuff
[22:27] <{wf}shado> 2.2mb of images
[22:27] <{wf}Zores> yea a lot
[22:28] <{wf}Zores> your window layout on radiant is better then mine =[
[22:28] <{wf}shado> oh
[22:28] <{wf}shado> ok here
[22:28] <{wf}shado> before you forget this
[22:29] <{wf}shado> lemme wait till this damn map opens
[22:29] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:29] <{wf}shado> under edit, preferences, startup/autsave
[22:29] <{wf}shado> use snapshots
[22:29] *** Quits: td (Quit: ircN 7.27 + 7.0 for mIRC (2002/01/10 00.00))
[22:29] <{wf}shado> for gods sake turn that on
[22:29] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:30] <{wf}shado> it'll save a mapname.xxx file in maps/snapshots
[22:30] <{wf}shado> every x minutes
[22:30] <{wf}shado> less. i turn off openGL antialiased points and lines
[22:30] <{wf}shado> i use solid selection boxes
[22:30] <{wf}Zores> ah i see what it does then, so you have lots of version saves
[22:30] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:30] <{wf}shado> esp if you break something
[22:30] <{wf}shado> and forgot where
[22:30] <{wf}shado> just remember to clear it out from time to time
[22:31] <{wf}Zores> yea
[22:31] <{wf}shado> i display size info
[22:31] <{wf}shado> my startup shaders under texture settings are common
[22:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 18
[22:31] <{wf}shado> and i use 2 button stuff
[22:31] <{wf}shado> right click to drop ents
[22:32] <{wf}shado> and alt+multidrag helps from breaking too many brushes if you are moving a bunch of em at once
[22:32] <{wf}Zores> ah ok
[22:32] <{wf}Zores> had that problem earlier
[22:32] <{wf}shado> oh and 3d view
[22:32] <{wf}shado> use paint-select in camera view
[22:32] <{wf}Zores> moved a brush that formed a letter "w" and my whol floor moved
[22:32] <{wf}shado> i use yes (classic key setup)
[22:32] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:33] <{wf}shado> you still watching?
[22:33] <{wf}Zores> yes
[22:34] <{wf}Loevon> yep
[22:34] <{wf}shado> this is another tc map
[22:34] <{wf}shado> here's a quick cool thing
[22:34] <{wf}Zores> i got this all logged also, so i can use for reference
[22:34] <{wf}shado> dude broke all the hint brushes
[22:34] <{wf}shado> so you select one face
[22:34] <{wf}shado> ctl-shift lmb
[22:34] <{wf}shado> then after its selected
[22:34] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:34] <{wf}shado> shift-a
[22:34] <{wf}shado> and it will select every brush that has that face on it
[22:35] <{wf}Zores> i see the green is the hints where he brok em
[22:35] <{wf}Zores> ahh
[22:35] <{wf}shado> yea i dunno dude's on crack
[22:35] <{wf}Zores> yea i see now
[22:35] <{wf}shado> backspace
[22:35] <{wf}shado> delete
[22:35] <{wf}shado> now i can go into an older snapshot and do the same thing but copy
[22:35] <{wf}shado> then paste back into here
[22:35] <{wf}Zores> ahh
[22:35] <{wf}shado> alt-2 hides/shows ents
[22:35] <{wf}shado> alt-1 hides/shows world
[22:36] <{wf}shado> now watch this crackhead thing
[22:36] <{wf}shado> see all these red boxes
[22:36] <{wf}Zores> yea
[22:36] <{wf}shado> they are supposed to be for bots
[22:36] <{wf}shado> custom bot code stuff
[22:36] <{wf}shado> oh they work ok
[22:37] <{wf}shado> but the bspc, what compiles the bot files, is all fucked up because it doesn't know wtf it is
[22:37] <{wf}shado> since its not stock q3 code
[22:37] <{wf}shado> so i select one
[22:37] <{wf}shado> then ctl-a
[22:37] <{wf}shado> same thing like the textures
[22:37] <{wf}Zores> ah
[22:37] <{wf}shado> now i know armor will be used by bspc to compute this reachability thing
[22:37] <{wf}shado> so i change the classname
[22:38] <{wf}shado> after selecting all of em
[22:38] <{wf}shado> and poof
[22:38] <{wf}shado> they are all now red body armor
[22:38] <{wf}shado> tc doesn't spawn the armor, it cheats
[22:38] <{wf}Zores> so the only thing u cant use ctrl-a is on brushes cause it will select all brushes
[22:38] <{wf}shado> the md3 is a little invisible box
[22:38] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:38] <{wf}Zores> i see
[22:39] <{wf}Zores> ahh
[22:39] <{wf}shado> lemme show you one more problem that might happen to you
[22:39] <{wf}Zores> invisible armor that the bots go through
[22:40] <{wf}shado> yea but its used to calculate where the bots can get to
[22:40] <{wf}Zores> waypoint using armor
[22:40] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:40] <{wf}shado> now did you see what i did
[22:40] <{wf}Zores> that cant be picked up
[22:40] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:40] <{wf}shado> you make a big box
[22:40] <{wf}Zores> yea
[22:40] <{wf}shado> then region->on
[22:40] <{wf}shado> er set brush
[22:41] <{wf}shado> now if i wanted to search/replace textures
[22:41] <{wf}shado> like select red crates and turn em blue
[22:41] <{wf}shado> it would just affect what's visible
[22:41] <{wf}shado> just do NEVER HIT SAVE
[22:41] <{wf}shado> and think that ur map is saved
[22:41] <{wf}shado> cause it'll just save this active region as your map
[22:42] <{wf}shado> but you can also compile it as a smaller region if u wanted to just test an area
[22:42] <{wf}Zores> ah
[22:42] <{wf}shado> instead of the whole map
[22:42] <{wf}Zores> so u can pick out regions in yer map to change only
[22:42] <{wf}shado> yep
[22:42] <{wf}shado> like after a copy/paste/rotate thing with red/blue bases
[22:42] <{wf}shado> and u just want to replace the red textures with the blue
[22:42] <{wf}shado> like flags, lights, whatever
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> the red box
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> wont do anything
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:43] <{wf}Loevon> it will
[22:43] <{wf}shado> the flags, ents no
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> i mean when u select an area
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> u make a red box,
[22:43] <{wf}shado> you gotta do them manually
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> does that red box
[22:43] <{wf}shado> like ctf flags i meant
[22:43] <{wf}shado> they won't change
[22:43] <{wf}Zores> affect antying
[22:43] <{wf}shado> was thinking like banner flags
[22:44] <{wf}Zores> oh
[22:44] <{wf}Loevon> i think he means, the brush you make to select the region
[22:44] <{wf}shado> oh that brush
[22:44] <{wf}shado> that one is gone
[22:44] <{wf}Loevon> but it disapears, right?
[22:44] <{wf}Zores> yea the brush
[22:44] <{wf}shado> yea thats gone
[22:44] <{wf}shado> poof
[22:44] <{wf}shado> like select inside
[22:44] <{wf}Loevon> right
[22:44] <{wf}shado> it'll select everything visible inside
[22:44] <{wf}Zores> thought it would make another brush or something
[22:44] <{wf}shado> naw
[22:45] <{wf}Zores> thats a neat trick
[22:45] <{wf}shado> now this mapper
[22:45] <{wf}shado> is on crack
[22:45] <{wf}Zores> we gonna try to do a combined map first
[22:45] <{wf}Zores> before anything
[22:46] <{wf}Zores> lol
[22:46] <{wf}shado> learn caulk
[22:46] <{wf}shado> make everything out of caulk
[22:46] <{wf}Zores> i see caulk on cancer
[22:46] <{wf}shado> [22:46] <]S[D-Man> SHOW them MITYERING
[22:46] <{wf}shado> [22:46] <]S[D-Man> NYTEERYNG
[22:46] <{wf}shado> yea mitered edges
[22:46] <{wf}Loevon> ya
[22:46] <{wf}shado> are important too
[22:46] <{wf}Loevon> start it out of caulk?
[22:46] <{wf}Loevon> k
[22:47] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:47] <{wf}shado> no burried verts, etc
[22:47] <{wf}shado> er burried brush surfaces
[22:47] <{wf}shado> if you can help it
[22:47] <{wf}Loevon> then go in and put in the textures with control shift?
[22:47] <{wf}shado> yep
[22:47] <{wf}Zores> this all on caulk
[22:47] <{wf}Zores> not mitered edges?
[22:47] <{wf}Loevon> what about the sky? I notice that wasnt caulked
[22:48] <{wf}Zores> what is caulk, i dont know what that is yet
[22:48] <{wf}shado> that doesn't really matter, sky is caulk sorta
[22:48] <{wf}shado> caulk is a solid nodraw texture
[22:48] <{wf}Loevon> invisable wall
[22:48] <{wf}Zores> oh
[22:48] <{wf}Loevon> cuts down on rendering
[22:48] <{wf}Zores> i see
[22:48] <{wf}shado> and detail
[22:48] <{wf}Loevon> so basicaly, if your not going to see it on the map, it should be caulked
[22:48] <{wf}shado> learn detail too
[22:48] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:49] <{wf}Loevon> what is detail?
[22:49] <{wf}shado> like on cancer3 the bridge
[22:49] <{wf}shado> a caulk brush is overlapping a textured brush
[22:49] <{wf}shado> the caulk isn't drawn
[22:49] <{wf}shado> so it draws whats under it
[22:49] <{wf}shado> ok detail
[22:49] <{wf}shado> in cancer
[22:49] <{wf}shado> hit ctl-d
[22:49] <{wf}shado> poof 1/2 the map dissapears
[22:49] <{wf}Loevon> yeah i noticed that too
[22:49] <{wf}Loevon> whats that do?
[22:50] <{wf}shado> visibility is calculated on every structural brush
[22:50] <{wf}shado> where one thing can see another
[22:50] <{wf}shado> thats what a bsp tree is basically
[22:50] <{wf}shado> what portal can see another portal
[22:50] <{wf}shado> sorta like branches on a tree
[22:50] <{wf}shado> well if there is a tiny brush thats structural
[22:50] <{wf}shado> its gonna assume that its doing something with portals
[22:50] <{wf}shado> and i'll show u in a sec
[22:51] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:51] <{wf}shado> ok should be loading up in a sec
[22:51] <{wf}shado> i selected one little ent
[22:51] <{wf}Loevon> k
[22:52] <{wf}shado> it draws a notris like thing
[22:52] <{wf}shado> everything that you can see with a line on it
[22:52] <{wf}shado> well
[22:52] <{wf}shado> thats visible from that ent
[22:53] <{wf}shado> now i'll show u what those little tiny brushes were doing
[22:53] <{wf}Zores> hmm
[22:53] <{wf}shado> well you've run around with showtris on before right
[22:53] <{wf}Zores> i dont see the ent selected
[22:53] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:53] <{wf}shado> you ever notice that some places, your decoy will just dissapear?
[22:53] <{wf}shado> well its gone now
[22:53] <{wf}shado> it was at the sky, just a wind speaker
[22:53] <{wf}Zores> no
[22:53] <{wf}shado> no what
[22:53] <{wf}shado> what map are you familiar with running around with showtris on
[22:53] <{wf}shado> ok we'll take cancer3
[22:54] <{wf}Zores> yea
[22:54] <{wf}Zores> never ran around with showtris
[22:54] <{wf}shado> if you are in the flagroom
[22:54] <{wf}shado> and stare up from the floor
[22:54] <{wf}shado> you won't see the flag
[22:54] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:54] <{wf}shado> ok well you are a gunner
[22:54] <{wf}shado> you ever notice how the pb sound
[22:54] <{wf}shado> when its sitting there
[22:54] <{wf}shado> it'll dissapear depending on where you are?
[22:54] <{wf}Zores> yea
[22:54] <{wf}shado> ok that's vis
[22:54] <{wf}Zores> yes
[22:54] <{wf}shado> the ent's origin is not in your viewable portal set
[22:54] <{wf}shado> so you don't hear it
[22:54] <{wf}shado> or draw it
[22:55] <{wf}shado> you might get the glow
[22:55] <{wf}shado> thats different
[22:55] <{wf}shado> but it won't draw
[22:55] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:55] <{wf}shado> thats what vis does
[22:55] <{wf}shado> stops things from being constantly drawn in game
[22:55] <{wf}Zores> not until u get up to certain point is it drawn
[22:55] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:55] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:55] <{wf}shado> here one sec i got a better pic
[22:55] <{wf}shado> http://www.shadowspawn.net/junk/hint.jpg
[22:56] <{wf}Loevon> how do you make something like that?
[22:56] <{wf}Zores> ah
[22:56] <{wf}Zores> so u jsut hint out stuff u wotn see in an area
[22:56] <{wf}Zores> that makes fps better
[22:56] <{wf}Zores> i get it
[22:56] <{wf}shado> yea
[22:56] <{wf}shado> it also keeps the engine from going nuts
[22:56] <{wf}Zores> or 'optimization' is the word
[22:56] <{wf}shado> having to draw all that stuff's sounds
[22:56] <{wf}Zores> i see why cancer 3 has those hints now
[22:56] <{wf}shado> yea you should see 2fort
[22:57] <{wf}Zores> yea the sound ents
[22:57] <{wf}shado> well as you run around in cancer3 with showtris on
[22:57] <{wf}shado> just drop decoys from time to time
[22:57] <{wf}shado> note where they dissapear
[22:57] <{wf}Zores> showtris is ran in q3 engine
[22:57] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:57] <{wf}Zores> the game itself in game
[22:57] <{wf}Zores> or radiant
[22:57] <{wf}shado> the game itself
[22:57] <{wf}shado> at wfa menu
[22:57] <{wf}Zores> ok
[22:58] <{wf}shado> do devmap cancer3-wfa
[22:58] <{wf}shado> er console
[22:58] <{wf}shado> you seeing this?
[22:58] <{wf}Zores> ahh devmap is showtris
[22:58] <{wf}Zores> ?
[22:58] <{wf}Loevon> yea
[22:58] <{wf}Zores> ok i get it now
[22:58] <{wf}Zores> ive used devmap before
[22:58] <{wf}shado> thats all the portals
[22:58] <{wf}Zores> am i lagged?
[22:58] <{wf}shado> no i am most likely
[22:59] <{wf}shado> you can see all the portals that are created
[22:59] <{wf}shado> during the vis process
[22:59] <{wf}shado> well compared during vis
[22:59] <{wf}shado> created during bsp
[22:59] *** Quits: Tyrael (Ping timeout)
[23:00] <{wf}Loevon> how do you turn on that showtris?
[23:00] <{wf}Zores> devmap
[23:00] <{wf}Zores> just put cancer3.bsp and devmap it
[23:00] <{wf}shado> devmap means developer map
[23:00] <{wf}shado> then just r_showtris 1
[23:00] <{wf}Zores> oh
[23:00] <{wf}Zores> i thought it was just the devmap command itself
[23:00] <{wf}Loevon> thats what i ment
[23:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 17
[23:01] <{wf}Loevon> ah ok
[23:01] <{wf}shado> when your clients finish buffering
[23:01] <{wf}shado> yea
[23:02] <{wf}shado> you'll see a really really fugly place
[23:02] <{wf}Loevon> now how do you get items to do that?
[23:02] <{wf}Loevon> not items, but brushes
[23:02] <{wf}shado> oh the pretty colors?
[23:02] <{wf}shado> using q3map2build select -debugportals
[23:02] <{wf}shado> in bsp under custom
[23:02] <{wf}shado> http://www.shadowspawn.net/beta/quake3_mapping_q3map2build
[23:03] <{wf}Zores> 404
[23:04] <{wf}shado> .htm
[23:04] <{wf}Zores> damn cant read what yer typing
[23:04] <{wf}Zores> hehe
[23:05] <{wf}shado> cg_drawgun 0
[23:05] <{wf}shado> noclip
[23:05] <{wf}shado> r_showtris 1/0 etc
[23:06] <{wf}Zores> k
[23:08] <{wf}Zores> monochrome must use lots of vis
[23:08] <{wf}Loevon> with that shift-d thing, it made some brushes disapear, whats that for?
[23:08] <{wf}shado> detail brushes are hidden
[23:08] <{wf}shado> ctl-d toggles that
[23:08] <{wf}Loevon> how do you define a brush as detail?
[23:09] <{wf}shado> ctl-m
[23:09] <{wf}shado> MakeDetail
[23:09] <{wf}shado> heh
[23:09] <{wf}shado> ctl-shift-s
[23:09] <{wf}Loevon> k
[23:09] <{wf}shado> make structural
[23:10] <{wf}shado> you gotta read the help shortcut list thing
[23:10] <{wf}shado> and the manuals
[23:10] <{wf}shado> print em out and take em to the can
[23:10] <{wf}Zores> yea i read a lot of the manual but i gotta use them inr adiant
[23:10] <{wf}Zores> in radiant*
[23:13] <{wf}Zores> on cancer 3, where both sides of the bridge is vis with hint
[23:13] <{wf}shado> yar
[23:14] <{wf}shado> to stop people in the middle
[23:14] <{wf}Zores> which side is the player supposed to be
[23:14] <{wf}shado> from vising right under em
[23:14] <{wf}Zores> oh
[23:14] <{wf}Zores> ok
[23:14] <{wf}shado> and people under
[23:14] <{wf}shado> to stop vising people directly above and in the sniper decks
[23:14] <{wf}Zores> when they are in water
[23:14] <{wf}Zores> ok i see
[23:15] <{wf}shado> there is a stairs there in my player
[23:15] <{wf}shado> you can see dude forgot to make it detail
[23:15] <{wf}Zores> detail brush
[23:15] <{wf}Zores> ok
[23:16] <{wf}Zores> so many colors hehe
[23:17] <{wf}Zores> i can see how the maps are more complex in tc
[23:17] <{wf}Zores> seems like lots more detail
[23:17] <{wf}Zores> in everything just about
[23:17] <{wf}shado> shit yea
[23:18] <{wf}shado> lemme show u something
[23:18] <{wf}Zores> k
[23:20] <{wf}shado> see the difference with detail
[23:20] <{wf}Zores> yea
[23:21] <{wf}Zores> just lots of brushes everywhere
[23:22] <{wf}Zores> no free space
[23:22] <{wf}Zores> lol
[23:22] <{wf}shado> wait till you see this one
[23:23] <{wf}Zores> caulk heh
[23:23] <{wf}Zores> on everything just about
[23:24] <{wf}Zores> u caulk the top of that box brush why
[23:24] *** Quits: Phate (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:25] *** Quits: Llama (Quit:)
[23:25] <{wf}shado> patches above it
[23:25] <{wf}Loevon> hi erp
[23:26] <{wf}shado> 23:25] <]S[D-Man> THSI IS BORING
[23:26] <{wf}shado> [23:25] <]S[D-Man> HOW BOTU SOME LESBIANS
[23:26] <{wf}Loevon> lol
[23:26] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 15
[23:28] <{wf}Zores> heh wha is d-man watching u map
[23:29] <{wf}shado> yea
[23:29] <{wf}shado> ok lessones over
[23:29] <{wf}Zores> eheh k
[23:29] <{wf}Loevon> k
[23:29] <{wf}Zores> thx, i learned a lot today =D
[23:29] <{wf}Loevon> thanks, learned alot
[23:30] <{wf}Zores> ive been making journal entries on radiant
[23:30] <{wf}Zores> gonna use todays irc log
[23:30] <{wf}Zores> hehe
[23:30] <{wf}shado> 33mb transmitted
[23:30] <{wf}Zores> basically me charting what ive been doing on radiant
[23:30] <{wf}Zores> heh thats a lot
[23:30] <{wf}shado> np
[23:30] <{wf}Zores> well not really actually for the time
[23:31] <{wf}shado> if I had an encoder card i could do it better and stage it from my web server
[23:31] <{wf}shado> already was able to rig something like that up
[23:31] <{wf}shado> but it sucks cause it really lags a bit
[23:31] <{wf}shado> i mean i could match desktops
[23:32] <{wf}Zores> yea