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[11:16] <chacha> I like how you try and pressure KT into working up a situation, you really have a lot of free time on your hands dont you?
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[11:16] <{wf}shadowspawn> i thought you had better things to do while you are at school, then to cause issues on servers 
[11:17] <chacha> lol i did it one time
[11:17] <chacha> im not even the main guy doing it
[11:17] <chacha> most of the time i did it on the ph chicago server that I WAS RUNNING MYSELF
[11:17] <{wf}shadowspawn> you do stuff even on tc servers 
[11:17] <chacha> tc?
[11:17] <{wf}shadowspawn> truecombat 
[11:17] <chacha> i havent played tc in weeks
[11:17] <{wf}shadowspawn> well thats cause most admins banned your whole school subnet 
[11:17] <chacha> all the $ clan knows the bug
[11:18] <chacha> no actually its cause i deleted the mod 2 weeks ago
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[11:18] <{wf}shadowspawn> probably, thats the last time i was in the channel 
[11:19] <{wf}shadowspawn> exploiting bugs is not new man, the fact that you ruin the game and have to make the admin go in and restart the thing is the issue 
[11:19] <{wf}shadowspawn> and spread the word, etc 
[11:19] <chacha> i didnt spread the word
[11:19] <{wf}shadowspawn> that is an old q2 bug tho 
[11:19] <chacha> i caught onto the word
[11:19] <chacha> ]D[Warlord was the one originally doing it
[11:19] <chacha> and then a few of us figured out how
[11:19] <chacha> when we saw him doing it
[11:19] <chacha> and then others figured it out
[11:19] <chacha> and so on
[11:19] <{wf}shadowspawn> that bug has been around since 2.x 
[11:19] <chacha> it doesnt work in q2
[11:20] <chacha> its not what you think it is
[11:20] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea it does 
[11:20] <{wf}shadowspawn> you kill the process and then reconnect 
[11:20] <{wf}shadowspawn> there is no 'cleanup' code on it 
[11:20] <{wf}shadowspawn> like there are for proxies, turrets, goodyears, etc 
[11:20] <chacha> (Link:
[11:20] <chacha> in q2 it wont even connect
[11:20] <chacha> if you try to do it
[11:21] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea it will, won't work on nat 
[11:21] <chacha> but ANYWAYS
[11:21] <chacha> i emailed the school already giving him your forum post of how youre trying to amplify the situation beyond what it really si
[11:22] <chacha> doesnt surprise me though
[11:22] <chacha> i also sent the logs of how 99% of the time it was done on my own private server which was using the ph chicago name
[11:22] <{wf}shadowspawn> heh you do have too much time on your hand 
[11:23] <chacha> i suppose so
[11:23] <chacha> but so do many others
[11:23] <{wf}shadowspawn> but all you do is ruin the game for everyone 
[11:23] <{wf}shadowspawn> like that ogc shit 
[11:23] <{wf}shadowspawn> dude i was bent 
[11:23] <{wf}shadowspawn> why else would acrid ban your whole school from the game 
[11:23] <chacha> that was a long ass time ago
[11:23] <{wf}shadowspawn> well people don't forget that crap 
[11:23] <chacha> acrid banned my whole school from the game because i created the fake release party channel
[11:23] <{wf}shadowspawn> neither do you, you were talking about it last time i was in unf 
[11:24] <{wf}shadowspawn> you irratated him 
[11:24] <{wf}shadowspawn> for whatever reasons, i forget 
[11:24] <chacha> fuck him
[11:24] <{wf}shadowspawn> dude he works hard to make a game for people, you try to ruin it 
[11:24] <{wf}shadowspawn> i don't see you workin on anything but destructive stuff 
[11:24] <chacha> i didnt try to ruin anything until he started hating on me just because i had the $ tag
[11:24] <{wf}shadowspawn> dunno about what went on between you and him 
[11:25] <chacha> thats right you dont
[11:25] <{wf}shadowspawn> all i know is he asked how to ban people from servers in the game 
[11:25] <{wf}shadowspawn> then read the hilarity on the forums 
[11:25] <{wf}shadowspawn> i sorta felt bad tho 
[11:25] <{wf}shadowspawn> at least he gave you guys an internal build 
[11:25] <chacha> yeah well im banned now so all should be well in wfa land right?
[11:25] <chacha> or are you that naive that you think im the only one doing it
[11:26] <{wf}shadowspawn> you aren't the only one doing it, you are the only one actively boasting about it 
[11:26] <{wf}shadowspawn> that's what irks me 
[11:26] <chacha> yeah well ive been caught
[11:26] <chacha> so whats it matter now
[11:26] <{wf}shadowspawn> nothing. but damn why do you gotta keep on showing up and pulling shit 
[11:26] <{wf}shadowspawn> i mean when on the tc stuff, your ip was always showing up 
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea ok its been 2 weeks 
[11:27] <chacha> i dunno i get a kick out of stuff like that i guess
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> but you were even boasting about emptying servers 
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> i mean wtf is that about 
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> how am i gonna respect that 
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> or anyone else, for that matter 
[11:27] <chacha> /name all
[11:27] <chacha> /callvote kick all
[11:27] <chacha> ;)
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> i remember that bug, i wonder if that works in wfa 
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> i think static took care of that  
[11:27] <{wf}shadowspawn> not sure heh 
[11:28] <{wf}shadowspawn> ya he did 
[11:28] <{wf}shadowspawn> it works on clientkick 
[11:28] <chacha> its not a bug
[11:28] <{wf}shadowspawn> well if anything, i have allot to double and tripple check 
[11:28] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea it is 
[11:28] <chacha> its a command you can use with rcon
[11:28] <chacha> to clear your server
[11:28] <{wf}shadowspawn> i know 
[11:28] <{wf}shadowspawn> but using the name, then the callvote 
[11:28] <chacha> people are just stupid and dont realize
[11:28] <chacha> that kick all really means kick all
[11:28] <chacha> i dotn use the name
[11:29] <chacha> i use the name ali
[11:29] <chacha> with a capital I
[11:29] <chacha> so it looks like all in game
[11:29] <{wf}shadowspawn> i just tell people to use serverstatus and use clientkick 
[11:29] <chacha> serverstatus doesnt work
[11:29] <chacha> the clients are always way off
[11:29] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea it does, it gives the right id in wfa and tc 
[11:29] <{wf}shadowspawn> stock its fucked 
[11:29] <chacha> not it tc it doesnt
[11:29] <chacha> thats complete bs
[11:29] <{wf}shadowspawn> so far it has 
[11:30] <chacha> cause people trying to kick me by serverstatus before
[11:30] <{wf}shadowspawn> i do a serverstatus then an rcon status 
[11:30] <chacha> and ended up kicking the wrong uy
[11:30] <{wf}shadowspawn> i see the same thing, have the last few times i needed to kick people anyway 
[11:30] <{wf}shadowspawn> maybe cause im in privatepassword slot tho 
[11:31] <{wf}shadowspawn> anyway its total bs ruining the game for people 
[11:31] <{wf}shadowspawn> and you know it 
[11:31] <chacha> yeah
[11:31] <{wf}shadowspawn> if anything, you should try to stop it 
[11:31] <{wf}shadowspawn> instead of help it or make fun of it 
[11:31] <chacha> some people have their fun in different ways
[11:31] <{wf}shadowspawn> but i dun get why people lame servers like that 
[11:31] <{wf}shadowspawn> i mean the multiple laser deal is funny 
[11:31] <chacha> yeah
[11:32] <chacha> thats what i was doing to
[11:32] <{wf}shadowspawn> dissapearing flags isn't 
[11:32] <chacha> i didnt make any flags disappear on that server
[11:32] <chacha> i was doing the laser bug
[11:32] <chacha> had like 6 lasers up
[11:32] <chacha> and i got banned
[11:32] <{wf}shadowspawn> well that shit still pisses me off 
[11:32] <{wf}shadowspawn> you realize how much code needs to go into stuff to stop exploits 
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> i'd say that 30% is game 
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> 70% is anti-hack 
[11:33] <chacha> [12:36] <{wf}shadowspawn> i mean the multiple laser deal is funny
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> it is 
[11:33] <chacha> [12:36] <chacha> some people have their fun in different ways
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> its like q2wf's infinite grenades 
[11:33] <chacha> maybe you see where im coming from by now
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> well it is, doesn't mean to do it 
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> i mean ok, this is why its funny 
[11:33] <chacha> i mean im sure you saw those screenshots on pice
[11:33] <{wf}shadowspawn> in q2wf you could have multiple lasers 
[11:33] <chacha> where i had 9 lasers
[11:34] <chacha> but did you also note the time limit
[11:34] <chacha> 9999
[11:34] <{wf}shadowspawn> you were given 3 lasers, 3 grenades 
[11:34] <chacha> which means i was running the server
[11:34] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea i did 
[11:34] <{wf}shadowspawn> anyway multiple lasers, that was in q2wf 
[11:34] <{wf}shadowspawn> for maybe 3 builds 
[11:35] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea someone chickened out and said it was an exploit 
[11:35] <{wf}shadowspawn> but it wasn't 
[11:35] <{wf}shadowspawn> they coded it in 
[11:36] <{wf}shadowspawn> im even putting in the option for it in fusion 
[11:36] <chacha> i thought that was team 6
[11:36] <chacha> where marine had 2 lasers
[11:36] <chacha> and everything was stupid
[11:36] <{wf}shadowspawn> multiple alarms also 
[11:37] <{wf}shadowspawn> wasn't team6, it was for any class really 
[11:37] <{wf}shadowspawn> it was the whole deal when mock came out 
[11:38] <{wf}shadowspawn> anyway this whole fusion deal will change the way q3 is viewed probably, so most stuff will come out differently 
[11:38] <{wf}shadowspawn> the whole punkbuster crap, heck even the exe will be run by a wrapper like ogc does 
[11:39] <{wf}shadowspawn> it'll be hard to wrap a wrapper 
[11:39] <chacha> not hard to unwrap them
[11:39] <chacha> they come on everything ;)
[11:39] <{wf}shadowspawn> well since the exe is open source, yea 
[11:39] <{wf}shadowspawn> but the wrapper exe isn't 
[11:40] <chacha> yeah i wasnt talking about coding
[11:40] <chacha> i was talking about plastic wrap
[11:40] <chacha> what do you think?  good price?  (Link:
[11:40] <{wf}shadowspawn> dude whatever, what pisses me off, and other admins off is that you guys lame for fun 
[11:41] <chacha> so ban us
[11:41] <chacha> i have a static ip now
[11:41] <chacha> once im banned i cant do it anymore
[11:41] <{wf}shadowspawn> admins do that 
[11:41] <chacha> there you go
[11:41] <{wf}shadowspawn> i don't 
[11:41] <chacha> now just get the other 20 people who are doing it banned and youll have a clean mod
[11:41] <chacha> until someone else gets curious
[11:41] <chacha> and sees how fun it is
[11:41] <chacha> and they start doing it
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea but im trying to get inside your head on why you do it 
[11:42] <chacha> osp has a detection for these thing
[11:42] <chacha> s
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> i know you say its fun 
[11:42] <chacha> lost flag returned
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> yea i know that flag returned deal 
[11:42] <chacha> thats the only reason
[11:42] <chacha> its fun.
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> i added that into fusion 
[11:42] <chacha> after a couple days it gets boring
[11:42] <chacha> and something new comes up
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> i thought static/acrid did that 
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> fact is tho there isn't gonna be another wfa release out at all 
[11:42] <chacha> im not talking about wfa
[11:42] <{wf}shadowspawn> and you are making people say why bother for q4 wf 
[11:43] <chacha> i just mean something fun in general
[11:43] <chacha> its not always laming
[11:43] <{wf}shadowspawn> to people thats what it is 
[11:43] <{wf}shadowspawn> to admins, its like the whole wpi is lame, even tho its just you 
[11:43] <chacha> ive had a lot of good behaviour streaks
[11:43] <chacha> where i ran clans and what not
[11:43] <chacha> but that gets boring
[11:43] <chacha> wpi is lame
[11:43] <chacha> i agree
[11:43] <chacha> i wish i had gone to RPI or Coast Guard instead
[11:44] <chacha> but what can i do
[11:44] <chacha> ohw ell
[11:44] <chacha> Coast Guard Academy not enlist
[11:44] <{wf}shadowspawn> i know but still 
[11:45] <chacha> but youd be amazed how easily wfa people are fool
[11:45] <chacha> i make a server with the name FU TEXAS
[11:45] <{wf}shadowspawn> no i wouldn't be 
[11:45] <chacha> idle in it iwth an FU name
[11:45] <chacha> and people all connect
[11:45] <chacha> and think its the real one
[11:45] <chacha> then i have my fun on it
[11:45] <{wf}shadowspawn> its the nature of gamers you don't understand 
[11:45] <{wf}shadowspawn> they like to have fun 
[11:45] <{wf}shadowspawn> you exploit that want 
[11:45] <{wf}shadowspawn> or don't understand it 
[11:45] <chacha> yeah well some people have fun burning down churches and murdering people
[11:46] <chacha> others have fun going to church and being alive
[11:46] <{wf}shadowspawn> people play games because they want to be good at something 
[11:46] <{wf}shadowspawn> you fuck that up 
[11:46] <chacha> me and many others no doubt
[11:46] <chacha> its funny that the second i do something though its this huge event
[11:46] <{wf}shadowspawn> well yea many others, but you are one i'm talking to atm 
[11:46] <{wf}shadowspawn> its not 
[11:46] <{wf}shadowspawn> you just boast about it 
[11:47] <chacha> bs look at the forum
[11:47] <{wf}shadowspawn> when noskill comes out with a new ogc 
[11:47] <chacha> look at all the threads
[11:47] <{wf}shadowspawn> well they need someone to blame 
[11:47] <{wf}shadowspawn> you are just obvious 
[11:47] <chacha> when sexecutioner does it
[11:47] <chacha> he gets one little post
[11:47] <chacha> saying
[11:47] <chacha> hey maybe ban this guy too
[11:47] <chacha> when hes been the one doing it with the flags
[11:47] <chacha> i just do lasers
[11:47] <chacha> but people are stupid 
[11:47] <chacha> its gonna keep happening and i guarentee they will still try to link it to me
[11:48] <chacha> i mean just look at all those aliases
[11:48] <chacha> Lasers
[11:48] <chacha> is that not obvious as to what i was doing?
[11:49] <{wf}shadowspawn> :/ 
[11:49] <chacha> well i have to grab lunch then head to semiconductor devices at 2 est, ill catch you later ;_
[11:49] <chacha> ;)
Session Close (chacha): Wed Sep 03 11:59:55 2003