Changes for 3.5b

Code Changes:

Level Changes:

Final Notes on 3.5b

BSP names cannot be more then 32 characters or the mapvotemenue will produce errors.

There is a retro-map pack being worked on atm, to take care of the various problems with the older ones. To help contribute, contact us on #wfamaps or visit us on the forums at

We've re-introduced single player somewhat through the configs; allot is still raw but most systems should be able to handle at least 6 bots. Check back on the website a few weeks after this release; if you downloaded the pak35bots.pk3 some singleplayer maps might not fire up. (Actually, none of the above ones will at all.)

Changes for 3.5

================== Bugs Fixed ==================

============= Miscellaneous Changes =============

============ New Features / Additions =============

0            :            Displays the entire voting window until the vote ends. [Default]
1            :            Displays the voting window until the player votes.
2            :            Never Displays the Voting window.

These stats are tracked by the server and compiled for each player.  Any player may view any other player's stats at any time.  The /stats <player id> command can be used to display the stats of any player online.  If you do not specify a player id, it will use your own by default.  Below is the list of stats WFA currently tracks:
Enemy Kills, Deaths to Enemies, Suicides, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken,
Flag Captures, Flag Touches, Flag Defenses, Flag Assists, and Flag Carriers Killed.
From these base stats, WFA will also display the following derived stats:
Kill to Death Ratio, Damage Dealt to Damage Taken Ratio, Damage per Minute, Kills per Minute,
Flag Captures per Minute, Flag Touches per Minute, Flag Touches per Capture, and  Flag Defenses per Enemy Capture.
The aggregate of all of these stats are tallied and weighted by the server to derive each player's PowerPlayer Rating.  The PPR rating for each player is then used to give your rank and to determine the server's current MvP.