[23:05] <{wf}shadowspawn> dude are we really having a one-to-one or are you just pulling shit 
[23:05] <@Rajiv> no
[23:05] <@Rajiv> im serously
[23:05] <@Rajiv> we wont go
[23:05] <@chacha> you know why i just said your name keith?
[23:05] <@Rajiv> to #truecombat
[23:05] <@chacha> you know why i just said your name keith?
[23:05] <@chacha> TAKE A GUESS
[23:05] <@operationkillthejews> why?
[23:05] <@operationkillthejews> WHY
[23:05] <{wf}shadowspawn> do you understand what they are doing 
[23:05] <@]S[Routoq> you can count on us SS
[23:05] <{wf}shadowspawn> or no 
[23:05] <@chacha> [00:09] <operationkillthejews> your not my father =]
[23:05] <@Rajiv> not really
[23:05] <@chacha> you're* ;)
[23:05] <{wf}shadowspawn> they are causing me headaches 
[23:05] <@operationkillthejews> LOL
[23:05] <@operationkillthejews> SHUT UP
[23:05] <@]S[Routoq> lol brian your gay
[23:05] <{wf}shadowspawn> thats enough 
[23:05] <@Rajiv> ok my question is
[23:05] <@Rajiv> why do you let them
[23:06] <@Rajiv> hold on
[23:06] <@chacha> headaches are no reason to shoot me SS
[23:06] *** Mode change "+m" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "-ooo Bonsai-goingtohell CDi-MoNEy chacha" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "-oooo Drak Greg infest John" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "-oooo namra Nit operationkillthejews PK-" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "-oooo Solid|Work sputt^Food Thunda Tut" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "-oooo velpo volt ]S[Routoq |M00|QD" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "+o operationkillthejews" for channel #unfadable/clan by ChanServ
[23:06] <@operationkillthejews> slut
[23:06] *** Mode change "+v {wf}shadowspawn" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
[23:06] *** Mode change "-o operationkillthejews" for channel #unfadable/clan by operationkillthejews
[23:06] <@Rajiv> shut up
[23:06] <@Rajiv> let me talk to him
[23:06] <@Rajiv> ok
[23:06] <@Rajiv> look
[23:06] <+{wf}shadowspawn> im listening 
[23:06] <@Rajiv> you said it yourself
[23:06] <@Rajiv> this is the internet
[23:06] <@Rajiv> ban them from the channe
[23:06] <@Rajiv> l
[23:06] <@Rajiv> take our ips
[23:06] <@Rajiv> ban us from the mod
[23:07] <@Rajiv> simple
[23:07] <@Rajiv> you have that power
[23:07] <@Rajiv> theres nothing else to say
[23:07] <@Rajiv> if we cant do it
[23:07] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i will but i mean you know as well as i do that's not going to stop people 
[23:07] <@Rajiv> then theres no reason to continue
[23:07] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but the reason behind it 
[23:07] <+{wf}shadowspawn> thats what gets to me 
[23:07] <@Rajiv> ok you talk to me like im still leading a clan
[23:07] <@Rajiv> 2 months has gone by since we played a clan match
[23:07] <+{wf}shadowspawn> you aren't and i know you don't lead these people doing it 
[23:07] <@Rajiv> i made the decision to stop being a clan, and just have random people hang out here
[23:07] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but im talking to you 
[23:07] <+{wf}shadowspawn> cause you of anyone here have just as much experience 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> so im asking why 
[23:08] <@Rajiv> do you honestly believe that my word is gonna hold with these people?? you think they are sheep?
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why the headaches 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> no 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> not at all 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> im asking what your opinion is 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> cause damnit 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i wouldn't be here if i didn't vaule it 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> value 
[23:08] <@Rajiv> why are they causing you headaches?
[23:08] <@Rajiv> tell people to man up
[23:08] <@Rajiv> stop being little bitches
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> bitches how 
[23:08] <+{wf}shadowspawn> you have a coder 
[23:09] <@Rajiv> complaining to you
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> who puts out a mod 
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> and me who just maps for it 
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> and tries to regain control 
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i never mod that channel ever 
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> this was the first time i ever was brought into it 
[23:09] <@Rajiv> well
[23:09] <@Rajiv> they served a purpose
[23:09] <@Rajiv> for the channel being there
[23:09] <@Rajiv> obviously nothing happens there
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> well ok it was funny 
[23:09] <@Rajiv> yes
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> im not gonna deny that 
[23:09] <@Rajiv> its a one time dela..
[23:09] <@Rajiv> deal*
[23:09] <@Rajiv> things arent funny when you repeat them over and over
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but god damn they really get one some people's nerves 
[23:09] <@Rajiv> eventually we move on
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> yea 
[23:09] <+{wf}shadowspawn> my point 
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> they do that shit 
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i'm the one that has to put up with the queries 
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its an open game 
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> there is no central 'dev' for it 
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> not like wfa 
[23:10] <@Rajiv> why not give
[23:10] <@Rajiv> some of those players
[23:10] <@Rajiv> op status
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its on gamesnet 
[23:10] <@Rajiv> they seem to want to do it
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> there is no ref for tc 
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> they ruin the game 
[23:10] <@Rajiv> then move it to ETG
[23:10] <+{wf}shadowspawn> there is noone to do anything 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its tough 
[23:11] <@Rajiv> you need to implement
[23:11] <@Rajiv> that kick feature
[23:11] <@Rajiv> if u get kicked u can come right back in
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> you do realize the reason there is so many things in wfa because of people laming 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> yea i know that 
[23:11] <@Rajiv> release a small patch and boom
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i was pissed at acrid 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> cause he didn't do what wfa did 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but still 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> knowing that 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why lame the game 
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> just because that wasn't in? 
[23:11] <@Rajiv> na we like the mod
[23:11] <+{wf}shadowspawn> to show nah nah nah i can get away with it? 
[23:11] <@Rajiv> we just got bored
[23:11] <@Rajiv> no not necessarily
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> it was lame stuff man and i can't understand why 
[23:12] <@Rajiv> its actually very organized laming
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> thats why im here 
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> yea i twas 
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> heheh 
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i know it was 
[23:12] <@Rajiv> we do it for many games
[23:12] <@Rajiv> warcraft3
[23:12] <@Rajiv> wfa
[23:12] <@Rajiv> Desert Combat
[23:12] <@Rajiv> gets the worst of it
[23:12] <@Rajiv> you havent seen us lame until u seen desert combat
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but damn dude there are people that enjoy the game man 
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why can't you just own 
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> instead of lame 
[23:12] <@Rajiv> because when you own
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> dakmn dude thats what i don't understand 
[23:12] <@Rajiv> it gets boring
[23:12] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why 
[23:13] <@Rajiv> let me tell you
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> cause people like me get upset when you lame? 
[23:13] <@Rajiv> in WF i got lamed by HH
[23:13] <@Rajiv> because of the way i got lamed
[23:13] <@Rajiv> i wanted to get better
[23:13] <@Rajiv> and NOT get lamed
[23:13] <@Rajiv> theres a logic behind it
[23:13] <@Rajiv> u become good
[23:13] <@Rajiv> in an attempt to avoid being lamed
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but tk'ing people is not owning 
[23:13] <@Rajiv> see
[23:13] <@Rajiv> 3 strikes your out rule
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> all its doing is causing admins headaches 
[23:13] <@Rajiv> should be in place
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> should 
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but it isn't 
[23:13] <@Rajiv> in CS if u shoot a teammate within 5 seconds of the game
[23:13] <@Rajiv> u get killed
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> the game is open to players 
[23:13] <@Rajiv> add those features in a realistic game
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> who want to play 
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> yea 
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but in reality when you die game over 
[23:13] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its a fun game 
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why lame it 
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> thats what i don't understand man 
[23:14] <@Rajiv> in reality if you get shot in the chest u dont just get up and bandage
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> no kidding 
[23:14] <@Rajiv> and stop the bleeding in 5 seconds
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> and why make it harder by tk'ing people 
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> or injuring them 
[23:14] *** Bonsai-goingtohell has left #unfadable/clan
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i mean its their game 
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its not mine damnit 
[23:14] <@Rajiv> if its their game then they should referee
[23:14] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its the people who play it's game 
[23:14] <@Rajiv> they should be the ones volunteering
[23:14] *** SSISFUCKINGCLUELESS (sammyd@fl-teq1b-163.pbc.adelphia.net) has joined channel #unfadable/clan
[23:14] *** Mode change "+o SSISFUCKINGCLUELESS" for channel #unfadable/clan by ChanServ
[23:14] <@Rajiv> to sit and watch people
[23:14] <@Rajiv> and make sure
[23:14] <@Rajiv> we arent ruining the game
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its not making it better man 
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> and you know thta 
[23:15] *** Mode change "-o SSISFUCKINGCLUELESS" for channel #unfadable/clan by SSISFUCKINGCLUELESS
[23:15] <@Rajiv> when you lame a game u find the flaws in the gameplay
[23:15] <@Rajiv> u fix those and you're good to go
[23:15] <@Rajiv> worked in WFA
[23:15] <@Rajiv> works in warcraft
[23:15] <@Rajiv> works in DC
[23:15] <@Rajiv> doesnt work in TC?
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> we know the game flaws 
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but why do that 
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> again its falling back to why exploit that crap 
[23:15] <@Rajiv> because
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> when people are there to play a game 
[23:15] <@Rajiv> BORED
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> ok i know 
[23:15] <@Rajiv> we like the game
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> people do that shit 
[23:15] <@Rajiv> but were bored
[23:15] <@Rajiv> you know
[23:15] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but damn you organize that crap 
[23:15] <@Rajiv> when i FIRST played TC
[23:15] <@Rajiv> i got TKED
[23:15] <@Rajiv> nonstop
[23:16] <@Rajiv> by some guy
[23:16] <@Rajiv> |SM|Knifer
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i'm not going to not say i never went on a tk fit 
[23:16] <@Rajiv> u know what i did?
[23:16] <@Rajiv> i took his tag
[23:16] <@Rajiv> and turned it on him
[23:16] <@Rajiv> eventually the disbanded
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but you guys organize that crap 
[23:16] *** Mode change "+o operationkillthejews" for channel #unfadable/clan by ChanServ
[23:16] <@Rajiv> we actually play more than we TK
[23:16] <@Rajiv> we use more aliases in TC than any other game
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i know that 
[23:16] <@Rajiv> ever.
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn> i follow you guys 
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn> you guys actually do well 
[23:16] <@Rajiv> its when the game gets boring
[23:16] <@Rajiv> and noone wants to play seriously
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn>  thats why i don't understand why ruin it 
[23:16] <@Rajiv> when we TK
[23:16] <+{wf}shadowspawn> if you are bored 
[23:16] <@Rajiv> because people ruin it for us
[23:16] <@Rajiv> and tlak shit
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why ruin it tho 
[23:17] <@Rajiv> you gotta take the old gaming rule
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> why not make it interesting 
[23:17] <@Rajiv> if theres a bug, its gonna be abused
[23:17] <@Rajiv> the NO-KICK is a bug
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> there are tons of bugs 
[23:17] <@Rajiv> we exploit it til its fixed
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> you know thaat 
[23:17] <@Rajiv> yes
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> but thats not the point of gaming 
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> its to have fun 
[23:17] *** SSISFUCKINGCLUELESS has left #unfadable/clan
[23:17] <@operationkillthejews> didnt we make you fix the ./stats bug in wfa?
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> not exploit bugs cause every developer can't fix it 
[23:17] <@Rajiv> yea
[23:17] <@Rajiv> i mean
[23:17] *** LAMINGISFUN (sammyd@fl-teq1b-163.pbc.adelphia.net) has joined channel #unfadable/clan
[23:17] *** Mode change "+o LAMINGISFUN" for channel #unfadable/clan by ChanServ
[23:17] <@Rajiv> we abuse things and u fix em
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> that wasn't the worst bug 
[23:17] *** Mode change "-o LAMINGISFUN" for channel #unfadable/clan by LAMINGISFUN
[23:17] <+{wf}shadowspawn> well thats not the point of gaming online 
[23:17] *** Mode change "+oooo CDi-MoNEy chacha Drak Greg" for channel #unfadable/clan by Rajiv
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