// by {wf}shadowspawn
// shadowspawn@shadowspawn.net
// Credits to Roger Hutchings for his kick-ass Q2 concept
/ DLB for his class switcher, and Femme for testing.
// Note: Each class config executes this to make it work on first join
set message-unbind "unbind kp_end;unbind kp_downarrow;unbind kp_pgdn;unbind kp_leftarrow;unbind kp_5;unbind kp_rightarrow;unbind kp_home;unbind kp_uparrow;unbind kp_pgup;unbind kp_del"
vstr message-unbind
Initializing Communications
Echo Press kp_enter to activate radio mode
Echo Press kp_insert to toggle radio on and off
vstr classtoggle
vstr radiotoggle
wait 20
vstr radiotoggle1
vstr classtoggle
Echo "Offensive Radio Mode Enabled"
set messageoffense "vstr line01o"
set line01o "bind kp_end vstr bankA-message01-sound; vstr line02o"
set line02o "bind kp_downarrow vstr bankA-message02-sound; vstr line03o"
set line03o "bind kp_pgdn vstr bankA-message03-sound; vstr line04o"
set line04o "bind kp_leftarrow vstr bankA-message04-sound; vstr line05o"
set line05o "bind kp_5 vstr bankA-message05-sound; vstr line06o"
set line06o "bind kp_rightarrow vstr bankA-message06-sound; vstr line07o"
set line07o "bind kp_home vstr bankA-message07-sound; vstr line08o"
set line08o "bind kp_uparrow vstr bankA-message08-sound; vstr line09o"
set line09o "bind kp_pgup vstr bankA-message09-sound; vstr line10o"
set line10o "bind kp_del vstr bankA-message10-sound; vstr line11o"
set line11o "bind kp_slash vstr bankA-message11-sound; vstr line12o"
set line12o "bind * vstr bankA-message12-sound; vstr line13o"
set line13o "set classtoggle vstr classtoggle6; vstr line14o"
set line14o "set texttoggle vstr textoffense; vstr line15o"
set line15o "set radiotoggle vstr radiotoggle3"
set messageoffensechannel "vstr line01o2"
set line01o2 "bind kp_end vstr bankAO-message01-sound; vstr line02o2"
set line02o2 "bind kp_downarrow vstr bankAO-message02-sound; vstr line03o2"
set line03o2 "bind kp_pgdn vstr bankAO-message03-sound; vstr line04o2"
set line04o2 "bind kp_leftarrow vstr bankAO-message04-sound; vstr line05o2"
set line05o2 "bind kp_5 vstr bankAO-message05-sound; vstr line06o2"
set line06o2 "bind kp_rightarrow vstr bankAO-message06-sound; vstr line07o2"
set line07o2 "bind kp_home vstr bankAO-message07-sound; vstr line08o2"
set line08o2 "bind kp_uparrow vstr bankAO-message08-sound; vstr line09o2"
set line09o2 "bind kp_pgup vstr bankAO-message09-sound; vstr line10o2"
set line10o2 "bind kp_del vstr bankAO-message10-sound; vstr line11o2"
set line11o2 "bind kp_slash vstr bankAO-message11-sound; vstr line12o2"
set line12o2 "bind * vstr bankAO-message12-sound; vstr line13o2"
set line13o2 "set classtoggle vstr classtoggle3; vstr line14o2"
set line14o2 "set texttoggle vstr textoffense; vstr line15o2"
set line15o2 "set radiotoggle vstr radiotoggle3"
set messagedefense "vstr line01d"
set line01d "bind kp_end vstr bankB-message01-sound; vstr line02d"
set line02d "bind kp_downarrow vstr bankB-message02-sound; vstr line03d"
set line03d "bind kp_pgdn vstr bankB-message03-sound; vstr line04d"
set line04d "bind kp_leftarrow vstr bankB-message04-sound; vstr line05d"
set line05d "bind kp_5 vstr bankB-message05-sound; vstr line06d"
set line06d "bind kp_rightarrow vstr bankB-message06-sound; vstr line07d"
set line07d "bind kp_home vstr bankB-message07-sound; vstr line08d"
set line08d "bind kp_uparrow vstr bankB-message08-sound; vstr line09d"
set line09d "bind kp_pgup vstr bankB-message09-sound; vstr line10d"
set line10d "bind kp_del vstr bankB-message10-sound; vstr line11d"
set line11d "bind kp_slash vstr bankB-message11-sound; vstr line12d"
set line12d "bind * vstr bankB-message12-sound; vstr line13d"
set line13d "set classtoggle vstr classtoggle5; vstr line14d"
set line14d "set texttoggle vstr textdefense; vstr line15d"
set line15d "set radiotoggle vstr radiotoggle4"
set messagedefensechannel "vstr line01d2"
set line01d2 "bind kp_end vstr bankBD-message01-sound; vstr line02d2"
set line02d2 "bind kp_downarrow vstr bankBD-message02-sound; vstr line03d2"
set line03d2 "bind kp_pgdn vstr bankBD-message03-sound; vstr line04d2"
set line04d2 "bind kp_leftarrow vstr bankBD-message04-sound; vstr line05d2"
set line05d2 "bind kp_5 vstr bankBD-message05-sound; vstr line06d2"
set line06d2 "bind kp_rightarrow vstr bankBD-message06-sound; vstr line07d2"
set line07d2 "bind kp_home vstr bankBD-message07-sound; vstr line08d2"
set line08d2 "bind kp_uparrow vstr bankBD-message08-sound; vstr line09d2"
set line09d2 "bind kp_pgup vstr bankBD-message09-sound; vstr line10d2"
set line10d2 "bind kp_del vstr bankBD-message10-sound; vstr line11d2"
set line11d2 "bind kp_slash vstr bankBD-message11-sound; vstr line12d2"
set line12d2 "bind * vstr bankBD-message12-sound; vstr line13d2"
set line13d2 "set classtoggle vstr classtoggle4; vstr line14d2"
set line14d2 "set texttoggle vstr textdefense; vstr line15d2"
set line15d2 "set radiotoggle vstr radiotoggle4"
set classtoggle "vstr messageoffense"
set classtoggle1 "vstr textoffense; Echo Messages set to Offense; play sound/misc/menu2.wav"
set classtoggle2 "vstr textdefense; Echo Messages set to Defense; play sound/misc/menu2.wav"
set classtoggle3 "vstr messagedefense; Echo Messages set to Defense; play sound/misc/menu2.wav"
set classtoggle4 "vstr messageoffense; Echo Messages set to Offense; play sound/misc/menu2.wav"
set classtoggle5 "vstr messagedefensechannel; Echo Messages set to Defense Channel Broadcast; play sound/misc/menu2.wav"
set classtoggle6 "vstr messageoffensechannel; Echo Messages set to Offense Channel Broadcast; play sound/misc/menu2.wav"
bind kp_enter "vstr classtoggle"
set texttoggle "vstr textoffense"
set radiotoggle "vstr radiotoggle1"
set radiotoggle1 "vstr messageoffense; echo Radio On; play sound/weapons/lightning/lg_hit2.wav"
set radiotoggle2 "vstr messagedefense; echo Radio On; play sound/weapons/lightning/lg_hit2.wav"
set radiotoggle3 "vstr textoffense; echo Radio Off; play sound/weapons/lightning/lg_hit2.wav"
set radiotoggle4 "vstr textdefense; echo Radio Off; play sound/weapons/lightning/lg_hit2.wav"
bind kp_ins "vstr radiotoggle"
set textoffense "vstr line01oT"
set line01oT "bind kp_end vstr bankA-message01-text; vstr line02oT"
set line02oT "bind kp_downarrow vstr bankA-message02-text; vstr line03oT"
set line03oT "bind kp_pgdn vstr bankA-message03-text; vstr line04oT"
set line04oT "bind kp_leftarrow vstr bankA-message04-text; vstr line05oT"
set line05oT "bind kp_5 vstr bankA-message05-text; vstr line06oT"
set line06oT "bind kp_rightarrow vstr bankA-message06-text; vstr line07oT"
set line07oT "bind kp_home vstr bankA-message07-text; vstr line08oT"
set line08oT "bind kp_uparrow vstr bankA-message08-text; vstr line09oT"
set line09oT "bind kp_pgup vstr bankA-message09-text; vstr line10oT"
set line10oT "bind kp_del vstr bankA-message10-text; vstr line11oT"
set line11oT "bind kp_slash vstr bankA-message11-text; vstr line12oT"
set line12oT "bind * vstr bankA-message12-text; vstr line13oT"
set line13oT "set texttoggle vstr textdefense; vstr line14oT"
set line14oT "set classtoggle vstr classtoggle2; vstr line15oT"
set line15oT "set radiotoggle vstr radiotoggle1"
set textdefense "vstr line01dT"
set line01dT "bind kp_end vstr bankB-message01-text; vstr line02dT"
set line02dT "bind kp_downarrow vstr bankB-message02-text; vstr line03dT"
set line03dT "bind kp_pgdn vstr bankB-message03-text; vstr line04dT"
set line04dT "bind kp_leftarrow vstr bankB-message04-text; vstr line05dT"
set line05dT "bind kp_5 vstr bankB-message05-text; vstr line06dT"
set line06dT "bind kp_rightarrow vstr bankB-message06-text; vstr line07dT"
set line07dT "bind kp_home vstr bankB-message07-text; vstr line08dT"
set line08dT "bind kp_uparrow vstr bankB-message08-text; vstr line09dT"
set line09dT "bind kp_pgup vstr bankB-message09-text; vstr line10dT"
set line10dT "bind kp_del vstr bankB-message10-text; vstr line11dT"
set line11dT "bind kp_slash vstr bankB-message11-text; vstr line12dT"
set line12dT "bind * vstr bankB-message12-text; vstr line13dT"
set line13dT "set texttoggle vstr textoffense; vstr line14dT"
set line14dT "set classtoggle vstr classtoggle1; vstr line15dT
set line15dT "set radiotoggle vstr radiotoggle2"
//==================================================================[dlb's class switch]
bind kp_minus "+minusclass"
unbind kp_plus
set minusclass+ "set minusclass- vstr inc_class; bind kp_plus vstr classkill"
set classkill "set minusclass- echo Switched Class; vstr holdclass; kill; unbind kp_plus"
set inc_class vstr setnurse
set setRecon "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Recon; echo Class Recon;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setNurse"
set setNurse "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Nurse; echo Class Nurse;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setEngineer"
set setEngineer "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Engineer; echo Class Engineer;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setMarine"
set setMarine "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Marine; echo Class Marine;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setCyborg"
set setCyborg "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Cyborg; echo Class Cyborg;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setGunner"
set setGunner "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Gunner; echo Class Gunner;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setArsonist"
set setArsonist "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Arsonist; echo Class Arsonist;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setSniper"
set setSniper "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Sniper; echo Class Sniper;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setAssassin"
set setAssassin "unbind kp_plus; set holdclass class Assassin; echo Class Assassin;play sound/misc/menu2.wav; set inc_class vstr setRecon