FIX: Jetpack cleanup/rework (footsteps/falling damage while -z velocity and +thrust)
FIX: touch item bbox is a bit screwed up
FIX: merc autoteam switch isn't functioning
FIX: flag shadow/flag frame developerprint/bfg (prototyped fixed for red bfg, need to apply to blue bfg)
FIX: finish cgame support, anti-lag code
FIX: origins for func_train spawn
FIX: entropy2-wfa
FIX: mesh drawn for sky env maps crashes
FIX: fucking plauge crashes on 4 players
FIX: players carrying flag md3
FIX: shock grenade shocks thrower
FIX: HUD/UI Cleanup (almost fixed)

CHANGE: misc effect fixes
CHANGE: finish moving event animation of md3's to client side
CHANGE: fastsky sucks, need to draw black with skyportals

ADD: target_push (no need for speed dependant)
ADD: spawners for particles (easy)
ADD: skyportals
ADD: finish weapon md3 implementation, choices